Technical Management

Get in touch For technical support in ship voyage repair or shipyard operations, our dedicated superintendents stand ready to efficiently organize and fulfill your specific requirements. Your satisfaction and seamless operational execution are our top priorities at every stage.

What can Ocean Quest DO?

Class Survey

We will prepare vessel and its components to respond to all requirements Read More

Spare parts

Our shipshandlers will deliver spare parts for best prices and in time Read More

Technician teams

Specialized and professional technichians will complete all tasks Read More


Our specialists can plan, prepare project and install BWTS and EGCS Read More

What is Ocean Quest?

The Ocean Quest team, comprising seasoned Marine Top Officers, has united to form a collective with extensive expertise in ship operations, breakdowns, troubleshooting, Dry Docking, inspections, ship takeovers, and more. With an unwavering passion for shipping, we stand prepared to assist you seamlessly, be it daily operational needs or specialized projects. Whether it's pre-inspection or pre-docking preparations, or overseeing sea trials, we are on standby at all times, ensuring meticulous care and attention.

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Technical Management