About Ocean Quest

Ocean Quest team, comprising seasoned Marine Top Officers, has united to form a collective with extensive expertise in ship operations, breakdowns, troubleshooting, Dry Docking, inspections, ship takeovers, and more. With an unwavering passion for shipping, we stand prepared to assist you seamlessly, be it daily operational needs or specialized projects. Whether it's pre-inspection or pre-docking preparations, or overseeing sea trials, we are on standby at all times, ensuring meticulous care and attention.
We are specialized in wide range of marine consultancy services similar as:

  • • Superintendency during Dry Dock
  • • Technical inspections
  • • Pre-docking inspections
  • • Pre-purchase inspections
  • • Supervising repairs
  • • Supervising conversion or retrofit projects
  • • Supervising class surveys, port state control and flag state inspections
  • • Shipyard quality evaluation
  • • Damage surveys
  • • Condition assessment surveys
  • • Environmental compliance audits
  • • Audits
  • • S&P

Ocean Quest team excels in the adept management and meticulous supervision of processes associated with change of management, class transfers, and flag state transitions. Our proficiency guarantees a seamless execution of these critical facets within the realm of maritime operations.


At Ocean Quest, our commitment is to unparalleled excellence. Upon assuming responsibility, our foremost priority is the timely and flawless completion of tasks, meeting the highest standards without any remarks. We are dedicated to surpassing customer requirements, aspiring to deliver satisfaction beyond expectations. Our vision extends to seamless integration into your team, fostering collaborative partnerships, while strategically positioning ourselves as industry leaders—pioneering innovation and setting new standards in the market.