Welcome to Ocean Quest - Elevating Maritime Excellence

At Ocean Quest, we embark on a journey of maritime excellence, guiding and empowering shipping companies with a comprehensive suite of technical assistance services. With a seasoned team of Marine Top Officers, we bring a wealth of expertise to every facet of vessel management, ensuring operational efficiency, safety, and strategic decision-making.

Our Services: Navigating the Seas of Excellence

  • Superintendency during Dry Dock: Precision and diligence guide every step of dry dock operations, ensuring meticulous maintenance and enhancements.
  • Technical Inspections: Our eagle-eyed inspectors leave no detail unchecked, ensuring vessels operate at peak efficiency.
  • Pre-docking Inspections: Anticipate needs and mitigate risks with thorough assessments, streamlining the docking process.
  • Pre-purchase Inspections: Uncover the true potential and condition of vessels with our comprehensive pre-purchase examinations.
  • Supervising Repairs: From minor adjustments to major overhauls, our supervision ensures seamless repairs and optimal vessel performance.
  • Supervising Conversion or Retrofit Projects: Embrace the future confidently with expert guidance in transformative projects.
  • Supervising Class Surveys, Port State Control, and Flag State Inspections: Navigate regulatory landscapes with ease under our vigilant supervision.
  • Shipyard Quality Evaluation: Striving for excellence, we evaluate shipyard quality to the highest standards.
  • Damage Surveys: Swift and precise assessments guide timely and effective solutions in the face of unexpected incidents.
  • Condition Assessment Surveys: In-depth evaluations provide a comprehensive understanding of vessel conditions.
  • Environmental Compliance Audits: Ensure sustainability and compliance with our environmental audits.
  • Audits: Thorough and transparent assessments to meet and exceed industry standards.
  • S&P (Sale and Purchase): Facilitating seamless transactions with expertise in sales and purchases.

Global Prowess: Excellence Unleashed Worldwide

With a global team spanning the seas, Ocean Quest transcends borders, ensuring the highest standards in maritime consultancy services across the globe. Wherever your vessels navigate, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds.

Mission Unveiled: Shaping Maritime Excellence Together

At Ocean Quest, our mission is simple yet profound:

  • Job Completion: With unwavering commitment, we prioritize completing tasks on time and with impeccable precision.
  • Customer Fulfillment: Beyond meeting requirements, we aspire to exceed expectations and become an integral part of our clients' teams.
  • Market Pioneering: Our ambition is to lead the market, setting new standards in the maritime consultancy landscape.

Join us in shaping maritime excellence – Ocean Quest, where innovation meets tradition.